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FY 2015 General Statement of Assurance -- Now Available (3/20/2014)

The General Statement of Assurance for fiscal year 2015 is now on the Grants Management website:

The form can be found on our website under the menu header GSA -> General Statement of Assurance (

The due date for this form is May 15, 2014. The instructions are below.

Upon completion of the documents, please mail them directly to:

Arizona Department of Education

Grants Management Unit, Bin 3

1535 West Jefferson

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

?How to complete the FY 2015 General Statement of Assurance

· Page 1: Name of Educational Agency – Search your entity’s name from the drop down box. If not listed, you may type in your entity’s name and CTDS number.

· Page 1: Mailing Address – This is your main physical address

· Page 1: Payment Address – This is where ADE will deliver payments. This address must correlate with your AZ W-9 payment address. (Districts – please enter your county’s payment address)

· Section A, Section C, and Section D must be signed by :

a. Districts: Board President or Superintendent

b. Charters: Charter Contract Signer

c. Other type of Entities (Non Districts or Non Charters): Comparable authorized official


Section B, the add user button can be used multiple times. There is no limit to the number of lines you can create using this button to add additional users to the form.

Name at least one individual in your organization who will have the authority to add, update or delete users who have access to ADEConnect and the Applications contained within ADEConnect, including ADE’s Grants Management Enterprise.

The individual(s) named will also have the ability to add, update and delete users and user roles within the new Grants Management Enterprise System.

You may select more than one individual as an Entity Administrator, but ADE encourages grantees to consider security and the ability to track approved changes to user access, which are often reviewed during independent audits.

Important: Your organization does NOT need to identify any other users of the Grants Management Enterprise on this form, only Entity Administrators need to be identified.

For more information on ADEConnect and the role of an Entity Administrator, see:

For more information on adding or deleting users and user roles in the new Grants Management Enterprise System, see:

  • Arizona Department of Education
  • 1535 West Jefferson Street
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85007
  • (844) 893-9789 or local (602) 542-3901